Getting Inspired by Car Dealers and others in the Automotive Industry

100 people can look at an object, a colour, or a scene from a movie and see it differently. We all have our own valuable take on what we see, and every one of us can learn from another’s experience.

It seems like the most popular question I get when I meet someone is “what do you do?”. When I tell them that help car dealerships with their digital strategy, they often remark that my focus is super niche. The automotive industry is unique and everyone in the industry has a story about how they got there. It is the kind of industry that you either love or hate, and for most of the people who stick around in it, we love it.

Over the course of a year, a friend of mine, Nish interviewed startup founders, authors, friends, and others as a fun way to learn more about what makes people tick. Nish found this business-oriented version of Marcel Proust’s Questionaire eye-opening. This experiment, along with Nish’s encouragement, inspired me to try out a similar undertaking in the Automotive space. I’ve used some of Proust’s questions, some of Nish’s, and some of my own. I hope to learn more about others in the industry, the industry itself, and ultimately, about myself. I hope that you enjoy and learn as well.

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