Customer Experience has a Need for Speed

Do you have a need for speed? I know that I do. We all do in one way or another. It may be driving a bit faster to shave a few minutes off of a commute or running into a Starbucks or Timmy’s instead of waiting on the mile-long drive-through lane. It doesn’t matter if it is rational or not, because if you do it, so do your customers. Time is Money!

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Have you seen the movie “The Founder” about McDonald’s origin story?

McDonald’s was built on customer experience and the scene where Ray Kroc orders his first meal at the fast food restaurant says it all.

The McDonald brothers had every process down to a science to keep things fast, consistent, and enjoyable.

When a process takes longer than your customer expects, they get frustrated. If it takes less time, they are wowed and feel grateful for the extra time.

What can your dealership learn from McDonald’s in order to speed up your processes and give your customers some of their time back?



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